WHEELSUP Professional load carrier system is a unique solution designed for professional riders, whom productivity, safety and flexibility are in their top priorities.

Every aspect of system, including each component and selected material, is thoroughly researched and tested – and ready for heavy-duty action. The result is an extremely flexible system capable of meeting your unique requirements safely and easily for a long time to come.

WHEELSUP product is easy to mount, easy to load and ensure a safe and easy transport.   

WHEELSUP is complying with all safety requirements, by using advanced technology in engineering, testing and manufacturing.

WHEELSUP combines high safety together with innovative design

WHEELSUP components made of heavy-duty materials and undergone rigorous tests for maximum safety.


Material Specifications:

The basis for WHEELSUP system is the heavy-duty cast A380 Aluminum components. The process includes a high pressure aluminum cast, which result in heavy-duty components.

The components are been treated with an Electro Static Paint process for heavy-duty coating, which provide the perfect protection against harsh weather and massive friction conditions.

WHEELSUP bolts are made of Stainless Steel, to provide a long life integrated device, with no rust or corrosively.

WHEELSUP Strap can loads up to 250 kg. It is made of heavy-duty material, with high resistance against harsh weather