Ez-quick was founded in 2009 under the principle of providing today’s riders with safe and affordable means of transporting their bicycles and all related equipment to and from various riding locations.
Experienced cross-country and road bicycle riders designed EZ-quick creating a professional bike carrier system, which provides a quick, safe, and easy transportation solution, enabling riders to spend less time loading their bikes and more time riding them.
We offer our customers a higher level of service and support which is simply unavailable anywhere else. We show our commitment to customer satisfaction in everything we do and in every product we sell.
Our goal is to provide innovative design for high safety and technological solutions for professional riders everywhere, and we do it EZ-Quick.
From lightweight, sturdy bicycle racks to high quality accessories, Ez-quick has you covered. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of bicycle carrying solutions as well as a complete range of bicycle accessories designed to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Unlimited service, versatile selection and competitive prices, Ez-quick is just a mouse click away.