For an eco-friendly bicycle carrier solution that is both good for the environment and for your wallet, more riders choose Ez-quick over any other bike carrier, period. We are the only company that works laterally with our clients to help keep our environment clean have fun while doing it; if you want to be a part of a revolutionary new product that is taking the bicycling community by storm, choose Ez-quick and let us show you what we have in store for you.


The Environmental Solutions You Need

Headquartered in Israel and serving the global bicycling community, Ez-quick was founded under the principle of offering our clients real-world solutions to all of their bicycle transport needs. We have created an innovative, eco-friendly bike carrier that is made of 100% recyclable aluminum offering reduced weight and higher overall strength making it the perfect choice for consumers all over the world.


Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients can’t get anywhere else. Our name says it all; we offer the environmentally safe products that are easy to use and quick to install.


Our Philosophy

We believe that keeping our environment clean is important and we strive to develop and build eco-friendly products that are designed to use less material and provide a dual purpose solution to our customers’ needs. Our bicycle carrier not only helps the environment by being an eco-product, it also helps you save gas when mounted on top of your vehicle because of its aerodynamic design and light weight.


How It Works

Here’s how our latest eco-friendly bicycle carrier helps keep our environment clean. We use less material in the design and we constructed to carrier out of recyclable aluminum. The low wind resistance of our carrier means that our customers will use less fuel, which in turn offers less pollution to the environment. All aluminum, no plastic, aerodynamic design; it all adds up to a cleaner environment for all of us to enjoy.


Connect With Us

To learn more about Ez-quick and our eco-friendly bike carrier design solutions, contact us today and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.